Report Effortlessly

Let your team capture the unsafe act and condition effortlessly to minimise the hazards at the workplace.

UAUC  Workflow


Capture effortlessly


Inbuilt discussion form


Predictive data analysis


Assign team & target date

CLIDEAnalyser UAUC Observation Tool  

Mobile / Web amazing features of UAUC   Let your team collaborate in real-time to resolve the UAUC and reduce the risk of an incident happening.
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Amazing UAUC observation tool offerings

Voice Recording

No need to type what you observe, simply voice record and let your team member listen to it.

Video / Image

Upload multiple observation video or images and edit the images with an online editing tool with text.

Geo Location

Observation reported are marked with geolocation for your team to identify exact location.

Google Map

Inbuilt google map direct you to observation location showing the previous observation risk trend.

Analyse Trends

Automated charts and trend analysis help your team make a strong decision to reduce the risk.

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Assign observations to resolve, faster
Automatically assign observation to people based on location, zone, department, contractor, or other preferences.

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Forecast Accurately

CLIDEAnalyser pulls together all observations, risk factors, and the probability of closing and shows how much risk can be reduced.

It also helps you visualise how the future observation trend will look like so that we can make decisions today to make tomorrow safer.

UAUC Observation Features

*Invite Team 

Invite team members for discussion to decide the right control measure to resolve. 


Auto-escalation matrix helps you escalate the UAUC observation if unresolved in the team.

*Resolve Reminder

Smart alerts ensure that you are reminded about resolving the UAUC and updates associated with it.


The team can discuss, resolve issues, regardless of the channel, it was started on. 

Analyse Effortlessly

Let your team develop a risk reduction strategy to prevent the incident from happening. 

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Data-Based Decision  

The big data analytics dashboard helps identify the hazards based on severity trends and make the decision to reduce risk.

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The comparative dashboard lets you and your team develop an action plan today for the future to create a safe workplace.

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Critical Activities

Identify the most critical activities based on location, zone, department, contractor and plant which may lead to incident in future.

The first step towards creating a sustainable safety culture is to have a strong observation process  

UAUC Mobile tool is strong and easy.