Data-Driven Decision Making  

Real-time hazard detection / UAUC observation all this is possible with our AL Tool which can help you analyse the safety data trend and predict how the future will look to reduce enterprise risk.


AI Based Workplace Safety

Reduce workplace injuries 


Complete AI + ML base Hazard Detection to Reduce Workplace Injuries

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CCTV Camera

Capture the unsafe act and unsafe conduction using CCTV network across the organisation


AI - Observation

Observations are captured based on your industry requirement and the system can be trained for various standard non-compliances

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Mobile Notification 

Get the notification to user directly responsible to implement the control measure, before the leading indictor becomes the lagging indicator


Data-Driven Decision Making

Enterprise risk management tool enables the structural and systematic approach towards minimising organisation risk. By supporting uniform risk assessment methodology and standards, the tool provides an accurate understanding of risk across the organisation and clear visibility into the top risk trends. Real-time insight into risk management can help you make data-driven safety decisions to develop risk reduction strategies     

Use Cases


Material Handling

Material handling are a major cause of accident, but timely action can save lives. Working alone or handling the material in a wrong way can cause death or MSD with our AI-based Real-time detection decreases response time for such workplace accidents.


At-Risk Behaviour

At-risk behaviour at workplace can lead to incidents, with CLIDE Analyser AI-Tool proactively detect the at-risk behaviour such as working close to vehicles, not using PPE, unauthorised entry, using wrong tools.


Forklift Safety

Many death happen every year due to forklift operation. With CLIDE Analyser AI-Tool ensure forklift and operator compliance with approved travel paths, speed limits, and seat belt usage to minimise the accident proactively.

What you should expect?

Reduce Hazard

CLIDEAnalyser AI tool will reduce the workplace related hazards and enterprise risk.

Minimise Injuries

CLIDEAnalyser AI tool will help minimise the workplace related injuries rate.

Improve Compliance

CLIDEAnalyser AI tool will help improve the workplace related compliance level.

Enhance Productivity 

CLIDEAnalyser app will enhance the workplace productivity and achieve zero harm vision.

Customise your application   

as per your business process workflow on the go

Customisation on the go

CLIDEAnalyser S.A. can be customised as per the need of the organisation. The inbuilt customisation tool makes it easy for an organisation to build its own workflow and map the processes. CLIDEAnalyser can be integrated with some of the other standard applications to make it an enterprise solution.  Meet every organisation's needs.

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How does it work?


CLIDEAnalyser Safety App based on user and apps


your app workflow as per business/ industry need


the data and let the system analyse it for you


predictive analytics features to achieve "0"

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One App - 3 View's

The application offered on various platform add amazing features which makes its the first choice of customers. Don't lose insight into the data which is important before you make a decision to develop an incident-free workplace. Let your data talk to you.


90% of the workflow on mobile, online, and offline mode

Desktop App

Manage the entire application with one click and stay updated with your data

Web App

Use the application for high-end data analysis to make strong decisions

Unleash growth potential to achieve"Zero" for the organisation.

Join us and make your company a safer place.