Analyse Hazard Trends Effortlessly.

With our hazard management module identify the hazards at the workplace and perform advance analytics to develop risk reduction strategy.

Manage Enterprise Risk

We have simplified the Hazard assessments process for identifying hazards, evaluating the risks presented by those hazards, and managing the risks of the hazards.

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Hazard Manahement App makes easy for you to go digital !!


identify the hazard related data from field directly


Data easily from mobile, tablet or desktop 


Monitor trends, improve compliance and productivity  


Make strong decision to reduce enterprise risk level  

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Hazard Management 

Software under one roof

CLIDE hazard management module empower organisations of tomorrow,   providing one, flexible, easy-to-use solution to actively manage & mitigate Risk. 

Unite data across risk assessment, evaluation and control to minimise risk level

Capture all your site data  effortlessly in no time   from any mobile device

Quick reporting tools makes easy to collect data like images, videos, and notes for each response.

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Hazard Management Made Easy


Achieve faster ROI by automating workflows, cutting admin time & identifying emerging risk


Comparative dashboard let your team develop an action plan for creating a safer workplace.


We welcome the opportunity to configure the platform to meet your individual requirements


Develop safety strategy with an online collaborative approach from the ERM app.

        Hazard Management

        Identify, manage and control your risks

        • In easy three steps manage safety at work.
          1. Spot the Hazard (Hazard Identification)
          2. Assess the Risk (Risk Assessment)
          3. Make the Changes (Risk Control)

          Learn more

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        Manage risk from anywhere, anytime

        ERM app is a cloud-based mobile and web application operating on both iOS and Android OS. Allowing you to conduct risk assessment, and attach live evidence directly from the field. Know the predictive risk analysis trend to reduce the enterprise risk.

        Data visualisation

        Not making a decision is, in fact, a decision itself—and it carries incredible risks. Data visualisation is a great enabler for decision-makers to view huge piles of data in one go. It beautifully puts together data in the form of visuals that help you identify trends and directions.  


        The step towards creating a sustainable safety culture is to have a strong process to identifying the hazard and mitigate risk level.   

        Create risk templates in no time.