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Get your hands on business critical insights with our immersive, interactive and powerful mobile BI app.

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CLIDE Analytics Mobile BI

  • Dynamic analysis through interactive visualisations

  • Native user interface with creative gestures 

  • AI-powered conversational analytics

  • Real-time collaboration and notification

  • Enterprise-grade security across mobile apps

  • Intuitive insights for quick decision making

Analytics on the move

Reduce your time-to-insights with our apps for your mobile workforce

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CLIDE Analytics Mobile BI App

CLIDE Analyser Safety App - One App Many Solutions
We believe that teams want only one tool.
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Advanced Analytics for decision making

Install the CLIDE Insights App on your mobile and tablet                Insight App

Mobile, Tablet & Web

The application offered on various platform add amazing features which makes its the first choice of customers. Don't lose insight into the data which is important before you make a decision to develop an incident-free workplace. Let your data talk to you.    
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Make informed decisions in real-time with

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