The easiest way to train your team

AI Based LMS

Say bye-bye to traditional training way

Deliver the right courses at exactly the right times with intelligent course assignment. Just assign the course, and CLIDE Analyser takes care of the rest—from sending reminders, notification and tracking progress.

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Create Course 

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Assign Course 

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Track Progress


Launch any program in minutes

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Select a course from our marketplace

Jumpstart your training program with our standard course, which includes access to 100 + pre-built courses—including BBS, Leadership, and JSA training.

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Upload your own courses

Upload your own content like videos, text, images to deliver a customized learning and development program for your employees.


Train employees the way they learn best

Learn anywhere

Our mobile and tablet friendly courses ensure your employees can learn on their own schedule

Engage your employees

Assess employees with built-in quizzes to maximize engagement with your training program.

Record Certifications

Certifications are sent to employees upon completion and stored in  for compliance purposes.

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Automate your compliance

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CLIDE Analyser makes it easy to stay compliant by training your employee for the courses which required compliance. For example safety induction training can be pre-assigned whenever you create a new user. With just a click, you’ll be able to enroll employees and managers in state-mandated courses—and re-enroll them every year.


Ensure employees are certified before project start

For project based companies with hourly workforces, certifications completed in CLIDE Learning Management can work as compliance tool. Avoid costly fines by creating policies that allow contractors to start the job only if they’ve completed the required certification course.

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Learning management without the management

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Configure automated reminders via email or push notifications to ensure courses are completed on time. We make tracking progress, course completions, and overdue enrollments incredibly simple with our pre-built enrollment reports so you’re always prepared for a compliance audit.

Train your team like never before to meet your compliance requirement.

Creating a strong safety culture starts with training your employee.