Drive safety performance with data-driven decision making

Deriving insights from the large volumes of data across your enterprise stack can be challenging, but it is essential to understand where your business stands. With CLIDE Analytics, pull data from different databases in your ecosystem to discover hidden insights in minutes.

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Enterprise Data

Unify business data from various sites, departments and locations to derive valuable insights and improve your safety performance 

Blend data from different sources to build meaningful reports and drive intelligent decision making

One App - Many Solutions !!

Give your team the tool they need to achieve "0" - CLIDE Analyser

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Visualise Complex data

Transform underlying business data into a treasure trove of insights with a range of visualisation tool

Analyse your metrics by geography across regions, countries, states, and postal codes with interactive maps

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In-depth analysis

Explore your business data with powerful drill-downs and analytical functions. Stay ahead of trends and deviations in business data with real-time, contextual alerts

A wide range of simple, easy-to-use prebuilt analytical functions to help you identify key metrics from your data

Unleash growth potential to achieve"Zero" for the organisation.

Join us and make your company a safer place.  

Get insights into

the right hands

Collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers to explore your reports and dashboards and share your discoveries

Collaborate with peers on reports or dashboards for contextual discussions

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BI Solutions

Become a BI provider by setting up reporting portals with completely rebranded and customised reports and dashboards. 

Smart forecasting keeps you informed of future trends based on historical data

Any deviation, spike, or anomaly in the trend triggers alerts to your team

Do you have specific challenges that 
you want to address?

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