Perform Audits Effortlessly

        - Performing and collecting audit data is fast and easy with our mobile AIC app.

        - Give recommendation for each non-compliance and we will help you track the progress.

        - Easily create a smart template from scratch using our intuitive, drag-and-drop template builder.

        Studio App -  Your tool for digital transformation

        Covert excel sheets into wonderful audits, inspection, checklist and analyse on the go.

        Data-Based Decision  

        Deep dive into insights that highlights progress, recommendation by priority upcoming audits and more. Explore past audit results, discover trends and address recurring problems.  


        A comparative dashboard let you and your team develop an action plan for creating a safer workplace.


        Based on the data trends develop a safety strategy with an online collaborative approach from the audit app.

        AIC App makes easy for you to go digital !!


        customised audit, inspection checklist with workflow


        data easily from mobile, tablet or desktop 


        monitor trends, improve compliance and productivity


        make strong decision to improve compliance level

        AIC App template designing features

              Odoo • Image and Text

              Create your own audit, inspection and checklist with the  most intuitive form builder

              Packed with features to make it easy to build your forms – just the way you want them.

              • Drag and Drop design be up and running in minutes

              • Real-time Preview preview your form on your mobile device as you build it

              • Tailored Workflows to set and manage repetitive processes

              • Reminders and notification

              • Escalation matrix to manage timely completion

              Intuitive Form Builder Options 

              Single Choice

              To be used when you have a small list of options like Y / N

              Multiple Choice

              objective response, or MCQ


              Dropdown  are toggle-able, contextual overlays for displaying lists

              Upload file

              Ask to upload the file in pdf, xls, doc or ppt


              Collect the response in numerical numbers

              Date and Time

              Collect the response in date and time format

              Short and long para

              Collect the data on paragraph for explanation


              Get recommendation at the end of the form from user

              Assign to various location  
              Collect the required data in no time by assigning the audit, inspection and checklist to various locations, projects or plants or users.

              Capture all your site data effortlessly in no time from mobile device

              Quick capturing tools makes easy to collect data like images, videos, and notes for each response.

              Odoo • Text and Image

              Escalation Notification

               You already know that you can specify certain responses and fields to trigger notifications to supervisors for follow-ups, but the audit module notification capabilities go beyond that. With escalated notifications, you can specify individuals to follow up on audits if action is not taken by a supervisor after a specified length of time.

              Analyse Audit Trends

              Automated charts and trend analysis help your team make a strong decision with confidence to reduce the risk of non-compliances.

              Odoo • Text and Image

              Action Tracker


              Give your audit, inspection and checklist a compliance score to monitor the performance throughout  the organisation.


              Automate the response to get the list of non-compliances once the audit is over in the report and email.

              Track Compliance

              Track recommendation given for each non-compliance and track the compliance status with automated workflow reminders.


              Data visualisation

              Not making a decision is, in fact, a decision itself—and it carries incredible risks. Data visualisation is a great enabler for decision-makers to view huge piles of data in one go. It beautifully puts together data in the form of visuals that help you identify trends and directions.

              Odoo • Image and Text

              Free Marketplace

              A marketplace is a wonderful option to choose various  standard ready to use templates  for your organisation

              Simply search the category type, watch the sample video, or check how the form looks like. If you find it useful, export it and start using it in a minute.

              The step towards creating a sustainable safety culture is to have a strong process to identify non-compliances for continuous improvement.   

              Create audit templates in no time.