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Investigate Effortlessly

Let your team investigate the incident effortlessly to identify the root causes and develop an action plan.

Incident Investigation Workflow


Capture effortlessly

Assign Team

to investigate the root cause


Corrective actions to team


CAPA for completion

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CLIDEAnalyser IRA App   

Achieving the "Zero Harm" vision means no incident at the workplace. Research shows that over 99 percent of  all accidents are preventable . CLIDEAnalyser Safety Application helps your team to control such an incident before they occur. 

Benefits of Predictive Analytics 
  • Identify high-risk area
  • Predict critical UAUC
  • Investigate UAUC Observation
  • Predict Future H-Triangle 

Amazing IRA App offerings

Voice Recording

No need to type what you observe, simply voice record and let your team member listen to it.

Video / Image

Upload multiple videos or images and edit the images with online editing tool with text.

Geo Location

Incident reported are marked with geolocation for your team to identify exact location.

Google Map

Inbuilt google map directs you to incident location showing the previous observation risk trend.

Analyse Trends

Automated charts and trend analysis help your team make a strong decision to identify the root cause with a data-driven approach. 

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Assign a team to investigate faster 
Assign team leaders and members to investigate what went wrong in no time from your mobile. Let your team investing the finding at the place where accident happened.

 Collect Evidence

Seamlessly collect all the evidence-related incidents such as witness interviews, images, documents, and much more for investigating the incident. 

 Time Chronology

Create a chronological event of what happened before the incident to visualise how the could have incident happened with time chart representation.

 List of Causes

A comprehensive list of causes help the team to select the root causes in a logical way to identify what went wrong?. 

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Investigate Accurately 

CLIDEAnalyser IRA tool presents all the past data related to accident such as UA/UC observations, near miss data,   risk factors, and much more for the team to analyse what went wrong.

Let your team identify the root causes and develop the corrective action plan in easy simple steps and we will do the required data analysis for them.
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IRA App amazing Features

*Assign Team  

Assign team leaders and members to investigate and to develop the corrective action plan. 


The discussion panel helps team members have  important group dialogue about the near-miss investigation.

*5 Whys

The team can create its own incident-based questions to get the right answer for what went wrong.

*Root Cause  

Create your own pre-defined comprehensive list of Immediate and final Root causes. 

Incident Learning

Don't simply investigate make it learning for the organisation. CLIDEAnalyser AI tool converts the findings of accident investigation into learning lessons to create  awareness.  

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Coverts every accident reported as learning in the organisation for future non-occurrence. 

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Auto share the lessons of accident happened with everyone to create the incident awareness.

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Case Study

Use every accident investigation analysis for internal training purpose as brainstorming exercise.

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Track CAPA

Track the  corrective   action points recommended proposed by the investigating team to prevent the non-occurrence of such incidents in the organisation.  

Get auto-reminders and notifications for the CAPA points delivered directly to your mailbox. CAPA insights will help you with analysis to track the overdue points by IRA-type, responsible person, priority level, and many other preferences.

The first step towards creating a sustainable safety culture is to share the learning of incidents about what went wrong?.

IRA Mobile tool is strong and easy.