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CLIDEAnalyser Safety Application -    One App  - Many Solutions ,   we believe that teams want only one tool.    

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" One App - Many Solutions !!" 
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I  Online / Offline Mode

CLIDEAnalyser S.A. mobile app offers amazing features like online and offline mode for capturing data. With the internet being a problem in some of the remote site locations you don't have to worry about capturing data on a day to basis. The mobile app comes with an inbuilt sync option which makes it easy for users to focus on data capturing.

Amazing mobile app features

Lite mode

The Lite mode option makes the app consume less data space on your mobile and its features come with various inbuilt options. This gives the user a more seamless, data conserving experience, with lower storage capacity and continues to work under poor network conditions  

Capture to Predict

The best feature of the CLIDEAnalyser mobile app is it offers end-to-end solution from reporting to prediction in real-time. Data is available for making precious decisions and so we call it the "Data-Driven Safety" app. 


Engaging your workforce in safety activities was never so easy as it is with CLIDEAnalyser Safety App. Simply capture and share it with your team. 

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CLIDEAnalyser S.A. can be customized as per the need of the organization. The inbuilt customization tool makes if easy for organizations to built its own workflow and map the processes. CLIDEAnalyser can be integrated with some of the other standard applications to make it an enterprise solution.

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Workflow Management

With the CLIDEAnalyser web application and mobile app its easy for organizations to manage the workflow on mobile. 90% of your workflow and business processes can be mapped on mobile with an inbuilt workflow management tool.

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The team can collaborate in real-time to execute the project task or scheduled task to achieve the goals and objectives. Collaboration provides every team member with equal opportunities to participate and communicate their ideas

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Mobile, Tablet & Web

The application offered on various platform add amazing features which makes its the first choice of customers. Don't lose insight into the data which is important before you make a decision to develop an incident-free workplace. Let your data talk to you.  

Unleash growth potential to achieve"Zero" for the organization.

Join us and make your company a safer place.