Enterprise App

The application designed for modern enterprises. Bring your teams together under one secure,

supported and centralised work management platform.

Team Communication

Align all departments to work together at greater efficiency. Customise the platform to fit the needs of any team within your organisation.

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Data Flow

Admin level data control ensures all sharing, updating, and monitoring of data is secure and access is clearly defined.

Reporting 2 Analytics

Enterprise-level analytics allow you and your team to aggregate data from over 50 projects on a single dashboard.


Integrations with tools like MS team, allow Enterprise accounts to bring data from any team together in CLIDE Analyser.

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Built-in security and


Enterprise-exclusive features like ownership over data, user permissions, and granular audit logs exceed the highest security standards without compromising user experience.

Tailored onboarding

and fast adoption

From defining goals to analysing success — you and your team are supported the whole way. CLIDE Analyser's team, knowledge base, and webinars can answer any question, anytime.

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Unleash growth potential to achieve"Zero" for the organisation.

Join us and make your company a safer place.  

Versatile building block for your processes

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Automate routine work

Add due date reminders, update notifications, and more customisable code-free automations to simplify your workflow.

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Visualise Data

Stay on top of all your sites by understanding your team's capacity so you can make more informed decisions. 

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Gain data-driven insights

Turn insights into action fast. Use high level dashboards and charts to monitor your safety's progress at every stage.

Easy setup and 

customisation on the go

Get started in minutes by choosing any of our ready-made templates. Our CLIDE S.A apps framework allows you to  
create any custom reusable functionality that your team needs  

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Your data all over the place

Empower your team with the most powerful tool while they are making strong decisions for achieving "Zero vision".  

A quick snapshot of just some of the things
CLIDE Analyser can handle for your business

Safety Management System

  • UAUC

  • Near Miss

  • Incident Reporting


  • Training 

  • TBT

  • Safety Thought


  • PTW

  • Audit / Inspection

  • Checklist / Data Forms


  • Predictive Analytics

  • BI Tool

One App - Many Solutions !!

Give your team the tool they need to achieve "0" - CLIDE Analyser

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