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Every week, we board-cast our podcast on how organisation can improve safety at workplace using data analytics.

Discover the best practices, and listen to stories on how organisation can develop safety data driven culture to minimise incident happening. Learn how you can use your data to develop predictive model. Tweet using #CLIDE and get your question answered on the podcast.

If you are from the EHS world of implementation, this is your show! Join in.

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Data Driven Decision Making - Podcast

How to make smarter decisions to improve safety performance? Learn on how to make data driven decision based on safety related data to improve business performance.

Listen to the podcast episode on "Data driven decision making to improve safety performance".

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Safety Data Analytics - Episode 1

Successful business in the 21st century is based on data: gathering it, managing it, leveraging it. The importance of data to create efficient and effective operations has grown exponentially in just a few years

Listen to the podcast episode on "How data analytics can help organisation improve safety performance?"


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Podcast Expert Series 1 - Safety Performance review in board meeting


Episode 1

Part of the challenge is ensuring Board members are fully informed of the enterprise risk spread.


Episode 2

An essential element of any successful safety culture is having a vision of what is to be achieved


Episode 3

The right framework provides a system for understanding, measuring, and mapping the safety maturity


Episode 4

Board members should review proactive (training, near miss reports, audit results) and reactive data.


Episode 5

The tangible actions of Board members reinforce the values of safety across the organisation.


Episode 6

Demonstrating vision will inspire others, set high standards for safety behaviours and encourage commitments from others.